Jamie Green is a Byron Bay based photographer. Influenced by creative icons past and present, Jamie’s signature style offers a relaxed intimacy, sometimes evoking another time or another place.

Shooting professionally for half a decade Jamie works across both digital and film stills, recently expanding into shooting and directing films - an additional element he can offer on set.

We are so happy to have Jamie's Europe Print Collection available in store. This collection reflects moments captured during the summer of 2019, Jamie reflects on his travels pulling out his favourite photographs to be printed and shared with the world. Memories of freedom, fun and adventure. 

We were lucky enough to sit down and take some time to hear more about Jamie behind the lens and also hear about whats next in the pipeline! Read more of our interview below! 


Tell us some more about Jamie behind the lens 

I am your typical high school dropout turned creative. I had wrapped up my school life by grade 10 and started my first business by the age of 17, and by 24 I had built up a fashion label and licensed it to General Pants co. Living in melbourne at the time my now wife and I decided to move back up the coast and we landed in Byron Bay. A change of pace which led to a change of career.


How did you get into Photography? 

When we first moved to Byron I had a fair bit of time on my hands due to the licensing of my brand, my partner Lisa had just taken a job at Spell & I was still flying back and forth to Melbourne for business. Meanwhile my wifes instagram was taking off and I was of course forced into taking her photos, at the start I didn't really like it and then I started to get into it, and then brands would ask to book me, and then I started flying around the world shooting, just last year alone I shot in: South Africa, India, USA, Italy, Spain, France, Morocco, Tahiti, Bali and New Zealand -  in hindsight it's been wild & crazy ride.  


Who do you seek inspiration from and why? 

It really depends on what I am shooting. If it's a fashion campaign or landscape I have a range of photographers from the past and present who I look to for inspiration. Recently I've been finding it better to just shoot what I see, less preparation and just being in the moment I think it's somehow more rewarding when you do capture that moment. 


How did you establish your style? 

Honestly, I think a lot of my style came from being self taught and not knowing the "rules of photography" I just shot and shot and shot until I saw what I liked. As I have moved into a more professional career I've started working with a well established Photographers Assist, Andrew Hobbs. He started working in film labs and has worked and taught the best of the best, together we have refined my style and matched what I like with his experience - I feel I've evolved so much. 


Digital or Film? Tell us why! 

Both formats are amazing depending on what you want to achieve, I wouldn't discount either one. Film is certainly very nostalgic and it feels like you are capturing a time stamp. Digital has its place too when you just need to get a certain photo you can shoot till the cows come home and you're bound to capture what you need. 


What's next for Jamie Green? 

Well we just had our little baby girl, Gigi Rae so that's certainly a change of pace, I am surprisingly really busy with work as well so it's quite a juggle. I was really keen to shoot stills on movie sets so perhaps once they kick off agin post COVID I'll get my chance. 



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