Tahnee Kelland is painter and muralist, currently based in her hometown of Mandurah, Western Australia. Grounded in the subject of spiritual and inward growth, Tahnee’s ever evolving painting style sways between symbolism and folk art. Recurring motifs, flowers, foliage and the female form draw the viewer into a reflective and meditative state where balance and serenity are the ultimate reward.

We were lucky enough to have a chat with Tahnee to hear more about her love for Art as well as getting an insight to her process. Read more of our interview below! 





Tell us some more about Tahnee Kelland

I’m a full time artist from WA, I’m 37 and live with my beautiful husband and two cats.


When and how did you find your love for Art?

Since I can remember I’ve always loved creating. As a kid I was always collecting scrap wood and random things in the hope one day I’ll turn it into something beautiful. Not much has changed as an adult.


Who or what do you seek inspiration from and why?

I draw inspiration from the experiences I’ve lived, usually experiences from my passed that have had a big impact on my life and the way I perceive the world. Or I’ll feel a need to express my current thoughts through painting using symbolism to convey the message. I’m not really the best with expressing myself through words so I love that art can do that for me. It’s very therapeutic and satisfying.


How did you establish and refine your style?

I think I’m definitely still working on that part. I hope my style will continue to evolve organically with what stage of life I’m in.


What is your favourite part of the process?

Earlier on when I first started painting I actually enjoyed very little of the process. I realised I was trying to perfect things too much and the style of painting I was trying to achieve wasn’t natural to me. It was forced and really thought out. I really started to question why I created and what was the point if I didn’t enjoy the process. These questions lead me towards the way I paint currently. There’s a lot more flow and a lot less thinking. I want to feel good when I paint and now I paint very intuitively with no major plans as to how the painting will turn out. I think that’s my favourite part. Because I get to really be there with myself and watch what comes out as I go. It almost like someone else is painting and I get to watch and enjoy it rather than constantly criticise it or worry it’s not turning out the way I planned. That’s when a lot of happy accidents happen and I find I learn a lot more that way too. So I guess to answer your question the whole process is enjoyable. But if I had to pick favourites I’d say the part where I add texture with a big trowel is pretty fun.


What's next for Tahnee Kelland?

I have some more originals I’ll start working on soon, another launch of my minis and a really exciting collaboration I’m hoping to announce soon. It’s something I’ve never done before and with a brand I really love! I can’t wait to launch it! The rest will be  unplanned and just going with the flow. That’s where most of the magic happens.


How do you spend your time outside of Art? What does a day off look like for you?

I’m lucky enough to live close by to my immediate family so I like to see them on days off. Otherwise I’m a real home body and so is my husband so we are usually both here hanging out pottering around the house. We have been slowly renovating each room so usually days off involve painting, tiling or fixing something! Or if I get sick of that the shopping side of renovating is always a favourite past time. I love me some homewares!


Artist: Tahnee Kelland
Photographer: Peta Stenhouse

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