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Interior Design Project


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Interior Design Project


Kira & Kira

Kira & Kira is a multidisciplinary interior design house and retail showroom, based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. 

Founded on the philosophy that thoughtful design evokes a timeless sophistication, we are committed to creating beautiful and innovative interiors that inspire tranquillity, creativity, and vitality.

Curating a premium collection of hand picked pieces from both local and international brands and artisans, and inspired by an array of design aesthetics, we offer a sophisticated take on the world of interiors.

Interior Design

Kira & Kira believe that at the heart of design should lie a genuine passion for creating something of style and substance.

An industry expert at transforming both residential and commercial spaces, our innovative and diverse team are passionate about timeless interiors that are unique, thoughtful and undeniably special.

Fostering long lasting relationships with the best suppliers in the industry, all the time nurturing a culture of design, our priority is to truly understand our clients, tailoring each project to ensure that it exceeds their expectations. 

Whether you’re creating or re-creating, Kira & Kira can help bring to life an innovative space that exudes sophistication and timelessness. 


The KIra House

Inspired by a passion for thoughtful and sustainable design, we had exclusive access to our very own custom made furniture library and over 500 unique pieces from multiple brands.

Retail Showroom

2017 Gold Coast Hwy,
Miami QLD 4220

0449 505 989

Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm
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