It goes without saying that colours are incredibly compelling and have the power to affect our emotions and the way we feel. After all the uncertainty over the last year, it comes as no surprise that we are craving comforting and calming colours in our homes - call it colour therapy!

Green is a powerful palette that is often associated with the feelings of growth, serenity, rest and renewal. It is synonymous with nature and calming qualities, which could explain its popularity for creating contented spaces. 

 So, whether you’re looking to add just a dash or completely douse the house in this healing hue, we’ve gathered some top tips from our Kira & Kira design experts to transform your space into a sanctuary. 

It’s time to get creative! Style any space with a selection of cushions and subtly introduce hues of olive, emerald or sage. It’s an easy and affordable way to refresh your home and revitalise your mood. 

When it comes to styling cushions, try mixing up the shape and experiment with different textures. Have fun mixing and matching shades of green to create a balanced and considered look.  

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The average person spends around a third of their life in bed, so it makes sense that we’d want it to feel safe and serene. It should be a place devoted to relaxation, a place to retreat after a busy day and a place to rest your weary head. 

Dressing your bed in some luxurious linen is a great way to indulge and induce a sense of calm in your life, without executing an entire makeover. Green linen pairs beautifully with warmer tones, such as timbers, woven rugs and rattan pieces. Try mixing the two together to create a space that you’ll love coming home to. 

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There’s nothing quite like stepping out of steaming hot shower and on to a cheeky bath mat by Sage & Clare to brighten your day. Pick up the Tula Nudie Bath Mat in pickle and put a smile on your dial every time you wash the stresses of the day away. 

Stimulate the senses and sooth the soul with the ultimate body wash from Alive. With notes of Kaffir Lime & Green Tea, lather yourself in this luxurious blend of natural derived ingredients, fortified with essential oils and native botanical extracts.

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Kira & Kira are serving up a well-deserved dose of serenity with these calming ceramics by Citta and Cisco & The Sun. There’s nothing more nourishing than enjoying a home cooked meal with friends and family. Make the experience extra special (and stylish) with beautiful ceramic plates, bowls and cups in hues of speckled sage and olive. Throw down a fun tablecloth for good measure and you’ve got yourself delightful dinner party. 

Adding green to your home doesn’t have to be daunting. If you’re wanting a softer and more subtle approach to introducing colour, simply add accents of green with smaller items such as decor and accessories. Kira & Kira love incorporating colourful interiors to a bookshelf, a bench top or by draping a throw over a couch. One of our favourite styling pieces is the Grib Tray in olive by Ferm Living or for a more sensory effect, try adding a Black Blaze candle in eucalyptus. 

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Art has the power to influence society by changing opinions, it can instil precious values and can translate experiences across space and time. Studies suggest that art improves health and well-being among individuals. So do something good for yourself and for your home. Dress the walls with a piece (or two) of art by Australian artist, Georgie Wilson, and feel calmed by hues of olive and emerald, with subtle pops of blue and yellow.  

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Lush and leafy greenery will revive your room in more ways than one! Plant power is the real deal – not only do they have the remarkable ability to improve the quality and circulation of air - studies show they can also promote feeling happier and healthier. So don’t be shy, pop a plant (or ten) around the home and infuse your space with natural beauty and a generous serving of uplifting green.  


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