Georgie Wilson Virtual GalleryWelcome to the Kira & Kira virtual gallery featuring Melbourne based artist, Georgie Wilson. 

Georgie Wilson is a beautiful artist and Mumma from the Mornington Peninsular and has been loved and celebrated by Kira & Kira for many years. As a creative Gemini, her work is inspired by her natural surroundings, her work as a graphic designer and life in general.

Her latest collection is inspired by the coast and invites the viewer to playfully plunge into memories of summers gone by. Wilson continues to experiment with pattern and perspective, whilst staying true to her unique, dreamy and velvet-like painting style. Georgie masterfully blends elements of realism and abstraction, bringing the memories behind the paintings to life.

“Sometimes it’s just so nice to reminisce… looking back on beautiful summers and remembering all the feels. I’ve been doing this a lot lately from my studio and painting these memories brings them back to life.” – Georgie Wilson  

Georgie Wilson

 ‘Both Days Gone By’ and ‘Seeing With New Eyes’ are both beach landscape pieces, however Georgie describes them as having very different energies.

Days Gone By’ is depicts a day by the seaside, swimming and basking in the summer sun. The piece is light filled and soft, balancing hues of blush, yellow and blue. ‘Seeing With New Eyes’ experiments more with juxtaposing patterns layered across the beach landscape and darker colours like navy blue, to create a moody feel. Georgie deliberately creates contrast between the two artworks to symbolise that no two days by the beach are the same – “It’s all part of the ocean’s nature”.

‘Beach Treasures’, was inspired by trinkets and treasures collected from the beach. These mementos are layered with all of Georgie’s signature design elements such as terrazzo, patterns, foliage, wicker and of course little people. Together, Georgie depicts an abstract landscape that’s warm and inviting and encourages you to drift through nostalgic memories from time spent by the coast.

Georgie Wilson

Kira & Kira are delighted to offer our customers a virtual experience to view artworks. Get in touch with us to arrange a suitable time to view our gallery via zoom or face time.  

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