Owen & Owen Bottle


Owen and Owen Ceramics is the collaborative work of Porsche and Patty Owen. Together, this wife and husband team combine 28 years of art practice to make ceramic pieces that are in dialogue with both art history and daily life.

It is our focus to transcend the limits of function and form a connection with art history by arranging bowls, bottles, cups and mugs into still-life “families”. These carefully curated arrangements alert the viewer to consider relationships and tensions between the forms. The forms are deceptively simple, and somewhat inspired by the still-life paintings of Morandi, but actually require great technical skill and firing control.

We have learnt a few things about our “families”; we have to be open when placing the forms together. Each shape is forced to consider its place in the group. On one level, they are everyday object, as ordinary and simple as can be - but combined, born of the undeniable relationship with each other, they transcend the banal. When together, pleasure comes.