In the heart of Burleigh Waters, nestled along the canal proudly sits The Kembali. Translated as ‘the return to’, or ‘coming back home’, this breathtaking project truly captures this definition from the moment you walk through the gate entry into the lush green sanctuary of the gardens & landscape.

A curated material palette marries a coastal-luxe frame with resort-style villa flare, combining natural elements such as travertine, natural stone, marble and brushed gold fixtures to provide a sense of relaxed opulence throughout.

Designed by BCG Building Design, and construction and interiors by Davey Constructions, The Kembali delivers tranquillity and leisure to the everyday.

Kira & Kira had the pleasure of collaborating with the design team at Davey Constructions in styling the finishing touches of this Burleigh sanctuary. We sat down with Sarah & Jared Davey of Davey Constructions to explore the inspiration and design process that brought The Kembali to life. 

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Design: BCG Building Design
Construction and Interiors: Davey Constructions
Styling: Davey Constructions & Kira & Kira
Photography: Kristian van der Beek

What inspired the design concept for this project?

Our clients wanted to create a beautiful villa-style home. They have spent time travelling through the Mediterranean and Bali and wanted to infuse elements of design from both locations into the overall aesthetic and feel of the home. 

What’s the feeling you want to evoke when people step foot in The Kembali? 

A relaxed sanctuary, that’s warm, inviting and evokes luxurious vibes.

This home is all about quality materials and high-spec finishes. Could you tell us about the material selection process and pairing?

Generally, when working with clients, we start with a design brief that captures the client's needs, wants & desires. From there as the Interior Designer, Sarah will go away and create moodboards to represent the client's design ideas. Once approved, she then works on selecting and sourcing materials to reflect the moodboard concepts. As a huge fan of texture, Sarah paired many different materials together to add depth to the overall design. Marble, travertine, timber, brass & gold fixtures were carefully selected to bring together an overall feel of paired-back luxury.

Design trends can come and go. What aspects of this design do you think have a timeless quality that won't go out of style?

The use of marble would definitely be one. It’s been around forever and I believe it can, and does, have a strong presence in interiors. Now we are seeing a trend in marble furniture from coffee tables to dining tables and even the use in decorative objects. There are so many wonderful colours & textures within marble options, making it an exciting product to use either as a major bold statement or a simple statement as an accent in a room.

Designing a build of this calibre means considering the importance of functionality. What were some of the must-haves and/or practical aspects that you worked into The Kembali to make life that little bit easier?

We created a reading nook upstairs that has a beautiful outlook onto Burleigh Lake and can be used by both parents & the children who live in the home. We also created a mud room close to the kitchen & laundry that was also designed for functionality.

These spaces have almost become a ‘must have’ in the modern-day home. With busy lifestyles, families really love having the extra storage for school bags, sports gear etc. We also designed a functional clinic space for our client who runs her practice from home. Curved walls were used to create zoning for different areas in her clinic.

Can you share some standout features of this project that set it apart from others in the area?

The venetian rendered bed in the master bedroom is definitely a standout for us. This bed was designed by us and creates a functional division between the main part of the bedroom and a meditation zone for our client. This bed is an incredible statement, large in stature and rendered in a ‘travertine’ coloured venetian render - it sure is a site you have to see.  

We would also say the kitchen stands out from others. Whilst decorative rangehoods have become quite the trend of late, this particular rangehood has been cladded with venetian render and has curved edges that compliment the arch windows and curved lounge setting in the living area.

What is your favourite aspect of this project, and why?

We would have to say the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home and this certainly is a kitchen worthy of all its glory. Natural travertine stone, brushed gold tapware, elegant oak timber joinery and floating shelves make this kitchen a real show-stopper!

And if you had to pick a favourite room, which would you choose and why?

The living room - it boasts a large, beautiful lounge big enough for a party, a natural stone feature wall housing the fireplace and a view of the water on both sides - the turquoise pool on the right & lakefront on the left. It’s just such a relaxing space to fall down at the end of the day and relax with the family.

Were there any unexpected challenges during the construction process that you successfully overcame?

The biggest one was probably the design of the bed. We had drawn the design in SketchUp to scale, but then to actually work out the best way to build the bed was quite challenging.

Thanks to our GM who drew the design for construction with the timber list and process, we were able to get the bed completely solid and ready for the Venetian render. I think the images speak for themselves in regard to the final product! We love this bed and how it sits in the room. It’s pretty special.

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