Our beautiful friend Daisy Hill is an Aboriginal artist located on the Gold Coast. We first met Daisy at an exhibition last year and immediately fell in love.

Daisy is a wife and mother of two exploring the connection to her people through her artworks. Daisy discovered her calling to create aboriginal dot paintings at the age of 34 and since then has gone on to sell out all collections of her work. We feel so privileged to represent Daisy at Kira & Kira. Daisy feels a deep connection to her artworks and describes the painting process as being meditative and deeply spiritual. She has a passion to tell stories and wants to keep the traditions of her people alive.

“I feel so grateful that people want to invest in me and my culture”

Daisy is a proud descendant of the Murawari people and shares her aboriginal culture and history with the world through her aboriginal dot paintings. 

It was an emotional journey with the unveiling of our commission that Daisy created for our home. This piece is incredibly special as it represents Simone, Grason, West & Chilli and is named Kira Banyandah meaning Kira home on the water.⁠

"Kira Banyandah is custom painted in colours inspired by your home. The four circles represent you as a family. You appear as drops in the water and your ripples span for eternity just like your love.”

Daisy has just launched her very first collection of Limited Edition Prints. You can read about their stories and meanings on our website! These are available in strictly limited numbers, never to be repeated!

All available at Kira & Kira. Shop Daisy Now


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