We were honoured to be approached by The Foundry House to discuss the power of vases and vessels in interior design.

Join us as we discuss why and how to use vases and vessels in styling your home, plus our top picks from The Foundry House. 

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How would you describe Kira and Kira's interior design style?

Kira and Kira’s Interior Design and Stylist teams aim to effortlessly balance modern minimalism with an eclectic twist. Our design aesthetic perfectly portrays the fusion of our larger-than-life personalities and love for interiors!

When creating interior spaces for our clients, we infuse a unique & layered approach, using organic shapes, texture, colour and a sense of fun through selected styling pieces and art.

Our main focus is to curate a relaxed sanctuary that inspires tranquility and creativity within our client's homes. 

In your opinion, why add vessels or vases to your home? What can they bring to a space?

We couldn’t imagine a home without vases and vessels!

From one perspective we find vases and vessels can be a great topic of conversation as they are generally a reflection of our own personal style and each piece often has a story behind it. Whether it be something picked up along travels, a shape or colour that compliments another piece in the home or in some cases the ‘I simply must have it’ moment from seeing it in a store or home.

From another perspective and particularly in styling a home, vases and vessels can be used to elevate a space and bring attention to a certain area. For example, a large organic bowl as a centrepiece on a dining table, a ‘wow-factor’ piece on a console in an entryway, or a stunning vase to showcase fresh blooms in your home.

What do you love most about Foundry vessels?

The Foundry House’s collections always turn heads and get commented on in the Kira & Kira showroom. They always have a finger on the pulse of modern design, and bring a sense of luxury in the quality of the materials used.

One thing we admire the most about The Foundry vessels is that they don’t have to be used for the same purpose as their function - it’s their sculptural presence alone that can really enhance a space.

We also love that The Foundry always uses a mixture of mediums, whether it be modernised, organic 3D printed pieces, traditional hand-blown glass or rich, sculpted natural stone. Each piece has an artisanal aspect, with many pieces being hand-finished and unique in their own way.

What are your favourite Foundry vessels and why?

We absolutely LOVE the Morph Bowl in Black or Ivory for a dining table centrepiece. The scale of the piece coupled with the organic curved shape brings movement to a space and becomes such a statement, especially when filled with foliage. We've used them in many of our styling projects.

Another stand-out is the newly arrived Celeste range. The stone is absolutely gorgeous in all colourways and the three different shapes in the collection mean we can find a place for them in any project ~ Obsessed!

Ceramic, glass, or stone, what’s your favourite material for vases or vessels?

We think it would be impossible to pick one - each material has its place depending on the space and the client's own aesthetic. However, that being said we do love the organic nature of stone and the artistry involved in turning such a rugged piece of the earth into a moment of beauty for all to enjoy.

What are your tips for styling a centrepiece?

One of the most important things to consider is size. A centrepiece must be the right size for the space it’s being showcased e.g. a dining table, console, kitchen bench, entertainment unit, shelf etc. It needs to create balance and not dominate, or get lost in its environment.

Another key tip is to ensure the piece isn’t competing with other items in the space. Aim for a piece that compliments its surroundings, for example, picks up a colour or shape from featured art, or compliments other colours or textures in the room.

What are your tips for styling shelving?

Styling the perfect shelf is a refined art and can sometimes be hard to master! There isn’t a ‘one rule fits all’ when it comes to shelf styling - there are many contributing factors.

A few of our key tips would be:

  • Ensure there are varying heights on each shelf for the eye to follow the flow
  • Sporadic spacing is key! Negative space allows breathing room for key pieces to shine through
  • Choose 1-3 feature pieces that vary in height and fill the remaining space with smaller pieces that don’t compete for attention
  • Stack items to create layers and height. For example, stack 3x books and top with a smaller styling piece like a bowl, interesting vase or decorative piece
  • Utilise rich textures like glass, ceramics, and brass, or dark, deep colours like black to create depth
  • Use pops of colour to create interest
  • You can also use plants to bring a natural element to the shelf or create a cascade effect onto lower shelves.

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