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With the beginning of each new year comes a time for reflection, intention and resetting. To help kick off the year consciously, we sat down with Sophie Marshal, founder of Gentle Habits, to learn about her habits for resetting, grounding and establishing a greater sense of self. 

Where are you from and where are you now?
I am originally from Perth WA and now live in the beautiful seaside town of Yamba in NSW. 

Three words that describe you.
Passionate, creative and a doer.

When do you feel most yourself?
When I am down at the local beach with my boys or getting creative in my backyard bungalow that we have converted into an office. 



How do you enjoy creating ambience at home?
It’s my favourite thing to do - creating a full sensory experience in my environment at home is important for my overall well-being.

This includes my Gentle Habits during the day of lighting my incense, matching the scent with our curated playlist and ensuring my space is uncluttered. I’m such a visual and sensory person.

How do you go about setting boundaries with technology and social media?
This is a hard one being a small business owner and managing a team remotely. I also still manage our Instagram direct messages - so yes, I admit I do struggle with boundaries for technology!

I do however have my phone on aeroplane mode at night, try to meditate in the morning before I check my phone and ensure that no devices are at the table during dinner time.



If you’re feeling stuck, or uninspired, how do go about transforming your thoughts?
I find going for walk in nature, a moment on my own down the beach or even a long shower is where I need to quiet my busy mind to allow space for creative ideas to come!

Do you have any rituals that you practise each day?
My go-to morning ritual is meditation for 20 mins with my incense burning followed by moving my body for 30 mins - these practices really set me up for an amazing day.

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