Morocco Sofa


The block-shaped modular sofa has become a common staple of modern interiors, with many lookalikes.

With Morocco, we sought to disrupt that, by re-imagining the typology. Legs materialize, not by adding legs, but by cutting away the redundant space in the middle, adding an unfamiliar expression to an otherwise familiar form.

Scattered cushions, and deliberately slack upholstery emphasize the casual lounging mood ...evoking the ambiance of nomadic tents of Morocco.

Dimensions & Configurations:
No-Arm: 1050 (W) x 1000 (D) x 720 (H) mm
Single Arm: 1050 (W) x 1000 (D) x 720 (H) mm
Chaise: 1050 (W) x 1400 (D) x 720 (H) mm
Open: 1450 (W) x 1000 (D) x 720 (H) mm
Stool: 1050 (W) x 1000 (D) x 380 (H) mm

Frame : solid timber frame of New Zealand pine
Filling : high density polyurethane foam cladding with feather and fiber top surface


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