PossAbilities: A Creative Life

By Peribo

PossAbilities is about finding the magic in whatever you do. Encompassing fourteen creative career incarnations, this grounded memoir includes bittersweet ruminations on uncertainty and trust. You’ll find heartfelt inspiration to use your courage, take chances and make changes as you learn about the importance of self-efficacy. Driven by curiosity and a desire to be useful, Victoria is the author of The Bathers Pavilion Cookbook, One, real, colour and Home.

Victoria Alexander established The Bathers Pavilion, The Russell Hotel and The Film Business. She was once a Fashion Editor for Vogue Australia and Cosmopolitan and was Sydney’s first stylist. A master of reinvention, her lifetime of ‘doing' includes being a forecaster, creative director, photographer, author, publisher and designer. She's travelled widely documenting the connections she finds between different cultures.

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denim hardcover