Georgie Wilson

Pool Time Limited Edition Print


Pool Time is a Limited edition print of an Original Painting by Georgie Wilson. "If I ever needed some pool time it's now.  Brilliant blue pool time.  My grandfather spent a lot of time in Malaysia in the 60's and there were lots of incredible retro Asian tropical paintings on the walls at my gran's house - all with foliage in these ochre and magenta hues. 

Here I am reflecting again on childhood memories and warmth of simple memories." Georgie's paintings appear velvety and soft by painting slightly out of focus. This technique is unique to her work and blends elements of realism and abstraction seamlessly.

By layering colours Georgie creates depth and texture with hints of colours showing through otherwise solid areas.

Available oak framed Delivery available Australia wide.

Note: Freight costs additional.

Please contact us to receive a shipping quote. Alternatively, price TBC once order is received and address details supplied, please allow up to 2 working days.


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