Pineapple Disco Limited Edition Print


Pineapple Disco Limited Edition Print - Framed / 50 x 50cm is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Pineapple Disco is a Limited Edition print of an Original Painting by Georgie Wilson.

Inspired by the pineapple lady who wanders along the beach in Bali.  "I close my eyes and I can feel that zing of the fruit - like a pineapple disco.  The numbers are from a telegraph pole where we stay every year, our holiday haven surrounded by fragrant flowers."

Georgie's paintings appear velvety and soft by painting slightly out of focus. This technique is unique to her work and blends elements of realism and abstraction seamlessly. By layering colours Georgie creates depth and texture with hints of colours showing through otherwise solid areas.



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