Equestrian Life in the Hamptons

By Peribo

Equestrian life has an enduring appeal for many of us, but it has a special place in the hearts of Hamptonites. Written by renowned fashion and lifestyle editor, Blue Carreon — an avid equestrian who lives and breathes the Hamptons when not in Manhattan — this luxurious book is his photographic showcase of the glamorous, often exclusive, and intriguing horse-sporting life in the Hamptons. This is a place dotted by bucolic barns and exclusive stables, coexisting with the shingle-style mansions with sweeping manicured lawns and modernist beach houses with uninterrupted views of the dunes and ocean beyond. Wending and looping through the picturesque hills and townships of the Hamptons are horseback-riding trails, world-class public and private equestrian facilities and estates, and premier blue-ribbon horse shows, polo competitions, and more. Blue Carreon also explores the hard work that comes with the glamour that comes with the sport. The thrill and danger that come with the sound of a horse’s galloping steps; the frustration of falls and ecstasy of big wins. Equestrian Life in the Hamptons offers a historic framework to the evolution of equestrian culture in the region, provides details on stables and how they are designed, barn and tack room tours, and the fashions on and off the field (both human and equine) as well as interiors inspired by all things equestrian. These pages are jam-packed with stories and interviews with not only the wealthy weekenders but with those who have devoted their life to their equine passions and the equestrian life.

Blue Carreon is a former fashion editor who has worked in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States. He is currently a freelance writer covering topics on lifestyle, fashion, and interior design. He is also the creative director of his eponymous home décor collection. He is the author of the book Conversations: Up Close and Personal With Icons of Fashion, Interior Design, and Art. He is an avid equestrian. He has been voted by Hamptons Magazine as one of the best-dressed personalities and top hosts in the East End. He resides in Manhattan, East Hampton, and Palm Beach.

450 colour, 50 b/w illustrations