Dos Ombre

Dos Ombre - Pinstripe Linen Sheets


Dos Ombré Boutique Bedding is made from super soft 100% French Flax Linen.

Linen is one of the oldest textiles in the world and is the ideal non-allergenic natural material for your very BEST sleep. Like a fine wine, Linen only gets better with age and has the unique ability to become softer over time and everytime your linen is washed. All our Linen pieces have been stone washed for that extra soft and opulence feeling, making the natural fibres more breathable; therefor cooler in summer + warming through winter. Our Linen is designed with LOVE + care, for long lasting, timeless and eco-friendly home pieces.


Fitted Sheet Sizes : Each Fitted Sheet features an elastic finish with generous depth, luxuriously finished and snug on most mattress sizes.

QUEEN Fitted Sheet = approx.  150cm x 205cm x 37cm D

KING Fitted Sheet = approx.  180cm x 205cm x 37cm D


Flat Sheet Sizes: Each Flat Sheet features a generous 8cm rolled hem for a luxurious finish.

QUEEN Flat Sheet = approx.  255cm x 270cm

KING Flat Sheet = approx.  280cm x 280cm

Care: Linen fabrics are hand dyed and pre-washed for softness + comfort. Gentle machine wash with a mild detergent to protect the fibres. Do not soak and line dry immediately  is recommended.

Sheet Type:

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