Daisy Hill

Divine Light Original Painting


Daisy Hill is a contemporary Aboriginal Artist from the Gold Coast who paints in her people's traditional form of 'Aboriginal Dot Painting'. Daisy's great grandfather William (Deucem) Smith was born of the Muruwari Aboriginal tribe in Bourke, New South Wales, Australia in 1896. Rated as one of the greatest shearers in the world, Deucem has eclipsed records and cleaned up the best of his natural competitors... Smith is regarded as more than a champion - a phenomenon.

"Divine Lighting"

The sun has become a signature design of Daisy's. Each piece of artwork holds special meaning and tells a story.

This painting is a representation of life. We are all made up of light and energy. It represents all things that are important to us as human beings. Purpose, happiness, love, protection, guidance, presence and positivity. May it be a physical reminder to stay connected to yourself in order to shine your light. 

Original painting framed in Oak

Dimensions: 100 x 100cm

Delivery available Australia wide.

Note: Freight costs additional. Please contact us to receive a shipping quote. Alternatively, price TBC once order is received and address details supplied, please allow up to 2 working days.

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