Black & Natural Segment Tray


Segment trays designed by Citta.

You'll get a-round to entertaining so effortlessly when you have the generously proportioned, simply circular Segment Tray in black and natural oak made from Plywood and Oak Veneer.


Small - 35cm dia x 5cm height

Large - 45cm dia x 5cm height

To clean, wipe with a damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaning products or materials. Keep away from direct sunlight and sources of direct heat, as these can cause cracking or warping. Keep dry and avoid excessive exposure to humidity, as this can also cause cracking or warping. Load bearing capacity: approx. 5kg. Avoid placing anything on the item that may damage the surface. When shifting, do not drag, pull or push the item as this puts stress on certain areas. Lift from both sides and carry with care before placing it down again evenly.

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