Bygga Tower

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Meet Bygga, our giant outdoor-sized tumble tower or Jenga game. Bygga, which is Swedish for "build", comes with 54 jumbo-sized timber blocks immaculately crafted each with a fine finish.

Bygga comes with individually numbered blocks and laminated dare card. Vaga is Swedish for dare! Just make up 27 of your own dares and take Bygga to a whole new level. And of course if dares are not your thing, you can always continue to play Bygga in the classic way you always have.

Bygga comes with stabilising baseboard and its own stylish canvas duffle bag with shoulder strap. Tower height starts at 70 cm but with the right level of skill Bygga can approach 2 metres during play.

Contents and Dimensions:

54 Bygga blocks numbered 1 to 27 (2 of each number)
Bygga heavy duty canvas duffle bag
Official Vaga Bygga rule card and dare card


Block size is 6.5cm x 3.9cm x 19.5cm
Bygga Baseboard with varnish finish 26cm x 26cm x 0.8mm