Black Blaze

Petrichor Scented Candle


Feel the mist in the mountain.

Sandalwood, Honeysuckle, Grapefruit, Wild Berry, Patchouli

Wollumbin, the first place on the Australian mainland that is touched by the morning sun every day. It’s fresh, open and true. Whichever way you turn, it’s what you imagine the world to be. Uninterrupted.

A light sun-shower breaks the silence and the ferns sway with relief. Rain comes, and, when it does, it’s greeted with a change in season and a change in scent. It’s unlike anything else.

The calm after a storm. The silence of a forest and the light rustle of trees. A forest full of wild fruit, sandalwood and honeysuckle. Co-existing together without anything else, with no interruption. The calm feeling of presence.

Burn time / approximately 60 hours

Wood wick

Handmade in Australia

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