Black Blaze

Koyo Scented Candle


Bergamot, Ginger, Lime, Verbena, Ginger Grass

Mount Wilson. It's the rustling sounds when you step on the autumn leaves.  It's the time when you are ready to be comforted by varying colours and textures.The soothing green shifts to yellow as stars falling from the sky. It’s weightless and fresh. It’s something different. 

It’s a warm feeling you can’t find anywhere else and can’t describe when you’re asked about it. It blankets your movements and sits still as a reminder. It’s here. Autumn.


The same time every year. The melancholy of warm colours. The freshness of ginger with soothing bergamot. The light flutter of falling leaves and the changing of season. The seeds fall of leaves to be planted for new trees. The continual renewal and ending all at once.

Burn time / approximately 60 hours

Wood wick

Handmade in Australia

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