Sylvie Kettle Paints

Astral Weeks Original Artwork


Sylvie Kettle is a young artist living and working in Northern NSW.

Growing up on coastal farmland, the red-soiled Australian landscape forms the energetic grassroots of her work. Moving beyond the physical, this collective environmental energy is compounded by the female form.

Forging a deep symbiosis between art & healing, she finds medicine within gestural creation and seeks to transfer this sense of catharsis to the viewer.

Sylvie continues regular life drawing sessions, where this connection between femininity and divine earth forces is harnessed. Driven by authenticity & a sacred channelling of the muse, she seeks to walk the line between spontaneity and informed mark-making.

The internal dialogue of polarities compels Sylvie forward in her practice, forging a deep external exploration of spirit, energetic connection & veiled truths.


95 x 145cm 

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