Rikki Day

Art on Vessels - The Vase - In Bold - Original Artwork


Art on Vessels is  is a collaborative, joint project between Rikki Day and ceramicist, owner & designer of Moss Living, Christina Armstrong.

The project is a celebration of what it is to be a woman.

Each piece is first hand crafted by Christina in her home studio. After the initial kiln fire the vessels are passed onto Rikki. From here pieces are hand painted, an original artwork on each piece before Christina applies a gloss finishing glaze and it returns it to the Kiln. It is not until the door of the final kiln opens that each vessel takes its true form.

Each organic bubble, warp + brushstroke comes together to form the end result and much like women, it is the coming together of perfect imperfections that create the beauty. The initial collection includes; The Bowl, The vase & The Duet, which is a set of two smaller vessels.


The series comes with two painting styles: 
The fine inspired by Rikki's love of the work of Pablo Picasso. "When we love a woman. we don't start measuring her limbs" - Pablo Picasso.

The bold inspired by Rikki's love of the work of Henri Matisse. "My curves are not crazy" - Henri Matisse 

The Vase - Crafted with the intention of becoming an heirloom piece to hold flowers from each sentimental moment in your journey. Or display minimally on its own as a statement art-piece.

Dimension: 24cm x 12cm.

All pieces will be slightly different and as each and every one is an original artwork your piece may not be the exact one shown in the photograph however we can assure you that each piece is as beautiful as the last.

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