Meet Lori Eaton... Our Head Interior Designer

Kira & Kira Design is taking our workshop and retail space to new heights, offering superior and sophisticated services to bring any interior vision to life.

We have a team of creators, innovators and dedicated designers who are committed to guiding you through your project from beginning to end. With an extensive array of design experience, our Kira & Kira design team are at the forefront of the design industry on the Gold Coast.

We chat to our gorgeous head interior designer Lori Eaton to discuss all things design her effortlessly cool style and her favourite pieces.

How would you describe the Kira & Kira Design aesthetic?

Ohhh I would say Minimalism meets eclectic, with key pieces being more refined and timeless - whilst using layers to bring out the playful and funky side.

What’s your design process?

Myself and the Design Team will guide the client through the whole process and make this as seamless as possible. To break it down briefly we have 4 Phase:

Consultation - This is the fun stage! We have a collaborative discussion and gather all the information we need from the client, to understand the scope of works they require and aesthetic of the project.

Selections - This is where we get to work and you sit back and relax! Based on the information provided by the client and the Scope Of Works, we make informed selections which then get presented to the client. 

Logistics - The knitty and gritty - once the final selections are made, we then get to work on securing the stock, liaising with suppliers and arranging deliveries.

Install - Delivery day that feels like Christmas and we bring your dreams to life! installing all furniture and adding the final styling touches.

Who should engage an interior design service?

From architects and developers to our local reno, we work on projects of any scale, none too big or small. Ultimately someone engaging in our design service, is seeking help to pull a project together and ensure a cohesive aesthetic.

What has been one of your favourite design projects you have worked on?

Every project has been inspiring to work on, it would be hard to choose. 

’The Palms’ was a great project to be involved in, on this particular project the Scope Of Works included a full house of furniture selections. The clients were amazing and so trusting in the whole process, with open communication and understanding made the project run smoothly. I love the oasis resort feel and palm spring aesthetic - this has been my favourite to date! 

Explore The Palms here

How should someone prepare for a design appointment?

It's important to have an idea of what you do and don’t like, what aesthetic you are wanting to achieve and have current house plans. If you don’t already know this we can help guide you in the right direction. No time is too soon to engage with us, It is a great idea to reach out to us as early as possible, as our spaces for next year are filling up!

What is on your personal wish list from store? 

I am hanging out to purchase a Vynka Hallam piece, I adore her work and can not wait to have a funky art piece in my home.

You always look stunning, can you describe your personal style?

(Blushing) Ohhh thank you! Gosh I feel like my style is forever changing, ultimately I love to feel comfortable but stylish and I can’t go past dressing up a basic.

What is your daily routine?

4:20am - Wake up, early I know! 

4:45am - Pilates, I love starting my day by doing something for myself.

6:00am - Coffee & beach walk with my pup Miska; she is a hyperactive husky so this is a must. 

8:30am - Work, work, meetings, laughs, fun, work and work.

5:00pm - Work finishes… and home to my gorgeous husband. 

What is a local gem we need to know about?

Hmmm I have a few… My favourite local places would include… Soak Bathhouse, I always feel so relaxed when I walk our of there. You can’t work at Kira & Kira unless you love Jimmy Wah’s (you'll find us there A LOT), Tarte bakery is a delicious cafe that I love annnddddd oh Etsu is just mouth watering.

What is the best advice you have been given?

You don’t move forward by staying in your comfort zone, There is no “right time” there is just time and what you choose to do with it.